The Shiznit 4 - my current PC

Current configuration:

Core2 Duo e8400 oc'd to 3.9Ghz
896Mb Geforce GTX260
4Gb G.Skill  DDR2 @ 866 4-4-4-12 
Asus P5K-E
1x 80Gb Intel X25-M SSD
2x 640Gb Caviar Black
Lite-On 20x SATA DVD+RW
Soundblaster X-Fi PCIe
Lian Li PC-7A Plus II
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme heatsink
XClio modular 600W PSU
Combo 3.5": Floppy & 7-in-1 card reader
Blue Cold Cathode, Harddrive silencer, etc.

Logitech MX1000
Samsung 22" wide 226BW


Benchmark Comparisons